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    Al Diar Capital Hotel, Abu Dhabi
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    Al Diar Dana Hotel, Abu Dhabi
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    Al Diar Mina Hotel, Abu Dhabi
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    Al Diar Sawa Hotel Apartments, Abu Dhabi
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    Al Diar Siji Hotel, Fujairah
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    Siji Hotel Apartments, Fujairah
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Al Diar Hotels is a semi government investment company under the umbrella of Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH), one of the leading brands in the hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1991, Al Diar Hotels has established and managed collection of deluxe hotels and serviced apartments across the United Arab Emirates.

Hit List

# Reference Code City Property
1 Telephone Operator- ADCH Telephone Operator Al Diar Capital Hotel
2 Housekeeping Attendant - ADCH Housekeeping Attendant Al Diar Capital Hotel
3 Painter - ADDH Painter Al Diar Dana Hotel
4 AC Technician - ADDH AC Technician Al Diar Dana Hotel
5 Jr. Sous Chef - ADDH Jr. Sous Chef Al Diar Dana Hotel
6 Housekeeping Attendant - ADDH Housekeeping Attendant Al Diar Dana Hotel
7 Payable Executive - ADMH Payable Executive (Supervisory) Al Diar Mina Hotel
8 Housekeeping Attendant - ADMH Housekeeping Attendant Al Diar Mina Hotel
9 Housekeeping Attendant - ADSWH Housekeeping Attendant Al Diar Sawa Hotel Apartments
10 Hostess cum Order Taker - ADSH Hostess cum Order Taker Al Diar Siji Hotel
11 Waiter / Waitress - ADSH Waiter / Waitress Al Diar Siji Hotel
12 Technician - ADSH Technician Al Diar Siji Hotel
13 Receptionist - ADSH Receptionist Al Diar Siji Hotel
14 F&B Captain - ADSH F&B Captain Al Diar Siji Hotel
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